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Our expertise is helping attorneys get evidence of all kinds into a digital form that is tactically accessible and usable in the courtroom.  Regardless of whether you use our other services, we are available to consult with attorneys, paralegals, and others on how best to collect, prepare, and present evidence.

Digitizing documents

TLC provides conversion and scanning services:  color and/or black & white documents, video, photographs, text-searchable.....  Virtually any solution that you need to put your evidence into digital format, TLC can provide.  TLC also has the capacity to print and copy large volumes in color and black and white.  Want all of your color photos in a binder?  No problem.  Need your appellate briefs printed and bound?  TLC can do that.

preparing trial exhibits 

TLC excels at taking paper and organizing it in digital format in a way that is both ready for digital presentation in the courtroom and that is mirrors the paper documents.  Every trial attorney needs both paper and digital presentation, and TLC can help make it work.


audio / video clipping

Impeach witnesses with video of the relevant question and answer, without searching through hours of deposition video.  TLC takes those hours-long deposition videos, breaks them into usable clips that fit with your impeachment or presentation needs.  Do you have an audio recording of an important admission?  TLC works with audio and video of all kinds.


Reliable digital equipment is the tools that TLC uses to service its clients.  From self-contained courtroom wifi networks, digital projectors, to iPads pre-loaded with your exhibits, TLC can provide the equipment you need to present your most compelling case.

Courier SErvice

TLC offers courier services of any distance, by bicycle, car or even airplane.


trial tech support

There is little more stressful to a trial attorney than a blank screen in court when you are expecting compelling evidence.  TLC technicians not only provide attorneys with the equipment and services to get ready for trial, but they are ready to be there with you in the courtroom to make sure everything continues to function smoothly, from voir dire to verdict.


Video deposition services, as well as video documentation of site conditions, investigations, expert inspections, and other needs of the trial lawyer and litigator.


TLC exists to fill the gap between stacks of paper and compelling digital evidence, as well as to provide the ancillary services that all trial attorneys and litigators need.  Service of process?  No problem.  Creation of graphs and timelines?  We can do it.  If you don't see a service listed here that you need, give us a call.  


About Us

TLC was founded by trial lawyers and is operated by technically savvy people well versed in how to get evidence into usable, digital form.

With proven equipment and methods, TLC can provide what you need.


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Community Comments


The use of electronic methods of evidence made it so much easier for me to understand what evidence was being presented. I could see it myself, read it myself, make notes for future use in deliberations, and not have to deal with ‘paper’ while listening and reading. Unfortunately, I am too old and set in my ways to be able to understand how to use that method – I am an old paper guy. But I can see clearly how it helps the attorney . . . keep organized the documents to be presented to witnesses, particularly including on cross examination, and to keep under some control your pre-trial decisions on what you want to prove, how you want to prove it, and when you want to prove it.

I found the tablet to be positive compared to paper in general. It appears that the presenter was able to effectively highlight the pertinent sections referred to or discussed in testimony without the distraction of the remainder of the document. It seemed more efficient than the Elmo, and less cumbersome to the presenter. I found that the method contributed to the clarity of the information.

I was really impressed with the use [of the tablet]. The ability to display documents, recall exhibits and smoothly present the evidence was truly helpful. I have always tried to avoid ‘new technology’ in the court room as something always [goes] wrong, gets bogged down, etc. I have tried an awful lot of cases and that was the best use of technology I have seen in a trial, beyond perhaps some expert IT usage of exhibits in a med mal case.